Day One EPET Summer 2012

It's not just about loving shoes!
It's not just about loving shoes!

Today's class started with an exercise called "shoot yourself". I know, sounds morbid! It was actually quite fun. In small groups our task was to get creative and take a snapshot that would represent something about ourselves. I happened to be having a fabulous shoe day so of course that was what I "shot"! (I think the pebbles and black and white color and extra class to the shot!) After bringing the photos back to class and uploading onto our computers we rotated around the class to view one another's shots and make a quick written comment about what the photo said about the particular person. To my defense, we were not told this would be part of the exercise. Ultimately, my colleagues comments included a lot of "loves shoes". This is true, but at a deeper level, what I would like to have communicated was that I appreciate style, that I dress professionally and that external perceptions do matter, good or bad. … One comment said, "meticulous about appearance"...true. I wonder why none of the comments addressed the avoidance of taking a portrait of myself. There could be a lot of discussion around the psychology of that! The lesson here was that we must present our research in a way that does not miscommunicate our intended message. My theory was wrong. A picture of my cute shoe did not communicate completely what I hoped it would. Today's object lesson will firmly stick like shoe.. I mean glue on my journey to my Ph.D.! That journey starts now!


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    Crystal (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 10:10)

    I admire how you dress - classy and professional. It is fun to have classes wirh you not only for your personality and knowledge but also to see what you are wearing.
    I would say your classmates didn't truly analyze your photo. I would also ask, "Did you analyze your classmates photos?" :)

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    Christina (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 10:19)

    I first saw your "shoe photo" on FB, and knew without even looking at the name that it was you! I think that alone makes a statement. In awe at the courage it takes to do what your doing. As always, whether in fashion or in life, you inspire me.