Day Three EPET Summer 2012

Got the Green Gear!
Got the Green Gear!

Tips from Dr. Jack Smith during his presentation about becoming an academic:

  • Compare different ways people define the same words.
  • Good empirical questions have well-defined nouns and verbs
  • Question existing structures and approaches some are educational some are scholarship, some theory
  • Question myself: Am I ruled by my own educational experience? What can others teach me about the phenomena I’m interested in?
  •  My goal should be to develop a critical perspective
  • Critical is not meant to be negative
  • It means how convincing is this argument?
  • Try not to simplify the phenomena you seek to understand. Keep track that the world is more complex. We will have to simplify our ideas to research but keep it in context to this complexity
  • Be self-critical, be humble
  • Start looking for reasonable arguments in my reading
  • Be careful about words you may take for granted “understanding” for example


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    Hannah (Thursday, 21 June 2012 23:07)

    Love you mom! You seem to be having lots of fun love you!