Day Five EPET Summer 2012

I'm workin' that backpack!
I'm workin' that backpack!

Measurement was the big topic for today. More specifically, this constant tension between what we want to know and what we can know.  For example, the attractive backpack I’m wearing in the picture with this post does not record a consistent mass from one common home-scale to the next. As a researcher, to account for this “tension” we report observed value as equal to true value plus or minus error. Awe, the wonders of statistics! We are just getting started!

Today’s guests were Dr. Patrick Dickson and Dr. Douglas Hartman. Dr. Dickson impressed me with his prospects and optimism for the future, most specifically the future of the EPET hybrid students. He inspired me with his energy and love for discovery. Dr. Hartman reminded me of why I love literacy! The past few days I’ve abandoned a focus on the teaching of writing for the sake of narrowing my research interests. Now, I am interested in studying literacy, specifically writing, more than ever. It is my goal to take the extra courses for a specialization in language and literacy.


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    Jan (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 16:51)

    Hi I got it to open for me this time and I am so impressed with all you are doing. :O)