Week Seven

My Wonderful Place of Work!
My Wonderful Place of Work!

This week marks my first week back to work in addition to keeping up with my MSU course work. I've discovered that sorting my time into two categories: NNRPDP work and MSU work has not been easy! It will take some adjusting to this new schedule but I don't anticipate the balancing act to get any easier. I am fortunate to have amazing colleagues at the NNRPDP. They are always looking out for me! I am also extremely fortunate to be a part of the EPET 2012 Cohortians! What a supportive group! I check Facebook often, just to check in on my EPET friends! I know I could not make it through this PhD. program without all of the wonderful people in my life, but most importantly, I am truly blessed because of my family! They are amazing. They are so supportive and helpful. They are my rock and I am so grateful for who they are and all they do. 


And so, the journey continues as week seven marks the transition into the "real" world! I can do this!

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