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Summer's not here yet, but I decided to post this thread of thought I shared via email with one of my Spring course professors.


Written March 30, 2014


I'm thinking about my learning as I work through the article analysis assignment and just wanted to share an aha I had, which is probably not a big deal but I am still compelled to write about it!


Here's my current thinking process with one of the articles I've been working with,


Visnovska, J., & Cobb, P. (2013). Classroom video in teacher professional development program: community documentational genesis perspective. ZDM,45(7), 1017-1029.


This first time I read this article I thought it was interesting, I could get the gist of what the researchers were doing and I could mark a few sections that were of particular interest to me.


The next time I read through it, I was a bit more conscientious of what I didn't understand. I could summarize sections but this did not necessarily mean I really knew the author's intent. (I thought I knew and didn't realize how much I was missing until my third read!)


Reading the article again happened to be after reading the Wenger 1998 article for class. I hadn't even made sense of the Wenger references used by Visnovska until this read. I mean, I didn't even think twice about what she was saying, I was just thinking, okay, she grounded her work in previous research, good...

This time it was like I was reading the article for the first time! This whole idea of community documentational genesis started to take on new meaning. I think I still lack a total understanding as I realize now that as my knowledge grows, my interpretation and understanding of research articles will change.


This is a huge aha for me! Again, I know this may seem silly, but I'm pretty excited about the learning going on here! This new learning would not have happened if I had not read Wenger when we did, in conjunction with reading Visnovska's article, and in the context of needing to read this article multiple times. Maybe I'm excited about my new learning because it happened so serendipitously! I'm not sure. This makes me think about the use of video and multiple viewings and, actually, it makes me think of Visnovska's findings about how resources are created for our learning during the process of learning....I think that's what she's saying!


So, now my wonderings are: what new learning will I gain if I were to go back to the piles and piles of articles I've read these past two years, based on my new understandings! This is both a happy thought and a sigh...groan..ugh thought, like all that work was for nothing??? But, not really. As I realize, we have to start with a first read, a first viewing, a first conversation, and be willing to revisit these resources over and over and over in order to develop as a knowledgeable member of a community. 


This is the moment when I wish I had someone to think through my new thinking with! (If that makes sense!) A drawback to being a hybrid student in the program. I hope you don't mind that I'm trying to create this opportunity to think via an email to you!


Thanks for "listening!" If you can offer probing questions or comments to help me make the most of this thread of thought, please do!




There's a lot to think about regarding the content and context of this email. Right now, related to being a hybrid student, am I getting the same learning opportunities as those on campus? It is an equitable learning experience? What does equitable mean in this context? I am pleased with my learning, and thankful for all the connections I have with those on campus. Just today I read Josh Rosenburg's blog on Design Research to help me work through my article analysis assignment. I knew to read his blog because I follow him on Twitter. I follow him on twitter because we attend MSU together last summer and are both part of the EPET program. I have a lot to think about right now and I notice that I'm using writing to help me think. This may not have happened if I were on campus. Interesting. Maybe our learning, hybrid vs face to face is the same but different in ways that create productive, important learning either way. It will be interesting to read what the research says about this prgram a few years from now!

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