Digital Story

Digital Story Reflections:

Creating this digital project was a powerful reminder of how time-consuming and frustrating technology can be. I am reminded of how hard it is to be digitally resilient! I am also reminded of how important and rewarding it is to not give up! After a multitude of edits and four separate visits to what I had thought was a finished project I decided to be done. Although my production has flaws and I am not totally satisfied with the finished product, I am nonetheless pleased. this project has reminded me of how amazingly powerful technology can be and how lucky we are to have such affordances at our fingertips!


Related to content, the process of creating the digital story helped me to solidify my research interests as I attempted to justify its importance through narrative and appropriate images. I have already asked some colleagues to view the video for feedback and their replies indicate that I was successful in presenting a compelling message! That feels good!   


Digital Story Feeback and score:

Holly, I really enjoyed watching this. You have a nice sense of timing and visual rhetoric. Not only was this compelling (especially like the choice of beginning with the series of pictures from classrooms at different decades), but it also stayed grounded within the experts you’ve identified and clearly articulated your research interests. Really great job!