February 21, 2014

Twitter Chats - I'm Going to Give it a Try!


I've thought about joining a twitter chat for some time now. I actually tried to join a chat last week. I looked through the chart of educational twitter hashtags and twitter chat times, selected what sounded like an interesting chat to join, and set my watch for the beginning time. I opened my tweetdeck, started a column for the chat hashtag and waited. I didn't have to wait long. Within seconds the column of tweets started zipping up the page, so fast I could hardly read anything. I tried to read fast, to focus, to jump in with a comment, but I was so overwhelmed I completely froze up! I've had a week to recoup and I'm ready to give twitter chat participation another try! This Sunday, February 23rd at 4pm, 7:00pm EST I plan to join #plpnetwork to talk about joy and laughter in schools. I wouldn't say my willingness to persevere through technology-experiences-that-don't-go-right-the-first-time is my reason for joining this chat. It wasn't! It was the topic! This reminds me of why I can't just teach about perseverance and resilience when integrating technology into our teaching and learning, but I must also emphasize the consideration of high interest, relevant topics. Additionally, easy access to support and scaffolding is critical. As I get ready for Sunday's Twitter chat I will be reading How to Participate in a Twitter Chat This extra support will give me the confidence to enter into a technology experience that quite frankly, based on my first experience, gives me a headache just thinking about it! Here's to a successful and positive Twitter Chat experience!