Thinking about Augmented Reality after a Weekend at #CUE14

March 23, 2014

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

This year's CUE conference was a great experience. I learned about video editing and how to integrate technology keeping the Common Core State Standards at the center. I learned about using primary sources accessed from wonderful Internet sites and used Twitter as my note-taking tool. A topic that I've heard of but knew nothing about was Augmented Reality, AR. After crouching in the back of the room for ten min. at a standing-room-only session on AR, I decided to use my two feet, get out of there and sit in the lobby to search the Internet to learn. It is easy to see how AR can tap into student motivation and excitement but I'm still not sure how AR is being used to increase rigor and critical thinking in the classroom. I plan to continue my AR learning to better understand these higher level application possibilities. I'm already thinking that when students create their own AR experiences consideration of audience and purpose through critical thinking is employed. I can also imagine the higher levels of thinking used if students are writing code for these experiences. For now I am just getting the AR concept. I remember it wasn't that long ago that I was trying to get the Twitter as PLN concept down! This process of becoming interested, searching for answers, trying things out, asking questions, and reflecting one discoveries has been my approach for learning technology. I hope I can help other teachers go through this process as they continue their learning in this always-changing world of technology.


Resources I've tracked down so far to help me learn about AR:

AR iPad apps I downloaded today:


Anatomy 4D

AR Flashcards