Consumed with @Twitter this Weekend!

February 22, 2014

This weekend I found myself consumed with all things twitter. I've had a twitter account for over a year. I have tweeted a whopping 288 tweets and most of those have been retweets! I will attempt to participate in my first twitter chat tomorrow, see my thoughts on that here. I realize the power of twitter, the world's town square, the real-time news, the connection to reading specific to my interests, more reading than I can possibly keep up with. Twitter is amazing and it's time that I get more involved!


I watched a news program today called the Twitter Revolution. I wish I could find a link to the program but I don't remember what channel I was watching. The report said only 18% of the population is on twitter, that some people don't understand it, that some people think it's too much information. I get that. I've heard those same feelings expressed by many teachers I work with. I hope I can become a good example of a twitter-using-educator, building my personal learning network (PLN) and better help teachers I work with find a supportive PLN on twitter.


I came across several good reads and new folks to follow during my twitter extravaganza! Here are a few examples:


  • A new iPhone app that turns photos into water-color works of art, waterlogue
  • Just to keep me on track with twitter: Twitter tips
  • An AMAZING blog about teaching writing called Indent by Kate Roberts, @teachkate
  • A technology-teacher leader for St. Vrain Valley Schools in Colorado, Bud Hunt, @budtheteacher,, who has provided access to wonderful curriculum resources that will be a great help with my own work
  • @colorthebooks favorited one of my tweets! That was cool!
  • Changed mobile settings to get twitter notifications via my text messages! I am not sure I will like this but I'm giving it a try!
  • Set timed tweets to go out on different days.
  • How to edit scheduled tweets (after realizing I spelled a word wrong!)

Here are my twitter using goals:

  • Tweet every day
  • Check my twitter feed once (or maybe twice...) a day
  • Read at least one good idea/post found on twitter every day

I'm worried about the "every-day" expectation but I'm an all-or-nothing kinda gal so I might as well expect myself to contribute to this social network at least once a day. If budtheteacher can have over 41K tweets, I think I can manage one a day!

Twitter Update, Feb. 25, 2014

I'm loving twitter! I've managed to successfully contribute to my first twitter chat (Loved it!) and I have been participating and learning every day from my new PLN! I am now at 382 tweets with 127 followers and following 162. I can see how quickly these numbers change once you get involved. Now my struggle will be to manage my time. I can't be on twitter non-stop! Ugh, the fight for balance never ends!

Twitter Update, March 3, 2014 

What I've discovered: And yes, be prepared for the trite garden metaphor...sorry but that's all I got!


  • The more I'm on Twitter the easier it gets to be a producer rather than just a consumer!
  • Spending time on Twitter requires self-regulation - give yourself limits or you will be there all day!
  • Links to the most current conversations around issues I'm interested in are at my fingertips!
  • Connecting with educators all over the world can easily happen on Twitter!
  • Developing a personal learning network, PLN can happen quickly via Twitter!
  • While it sounds cliché, developing a presence on Twitter is like growing a garden...really, I'm serious!
    • Preparing the ground and planting the seeds: this took me over a year as I popped in and out of the twittersphere to see what it was all about
    • Excitement of seedlings emerging: that same thrill happens when you start to get a few followers, a few retweets, a few folks favoriting your tweets (I was very excited when Stephanie Harvey, National Writing Project, and the History Channel followed me, favorited and retweeted tweets I had shared! This is when becoming a stalker would be so easy! Don't become a stalker!) 
    • Daily garden tending is necessary for your garden to grow: I've started to visit twitter each morning to capture a few good ideas or thought prompts and to share out a few of my own thoughts and links. 
    • Sometimes consistent weeding and watering is the hardest part with the biggest payoff: for the past week I have consistently participated on Twitter. Finding the time is not always easy. Thinking of something worth tweeting is not always easy but the payoff of being a part of a PLN is hugely rewarding.
    • My garden has not bloomed yet but I trust within a few months I will start to see the "fruits of my labor" heeheeheehee!


My biggest "Aha!" Moment... know when to walk away.

The tweet below is a reminder for self-regulation when on Twitter. Avoid filter failure or you will become overwhelmed with all there is to read and learn.